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Soul Progression perfectly describes the greatest passion of my life, which is to learn, grow and evolve, and assist others in doing the same.  I have dedicated my life to exploring the Great Mystery, and humbly offer here some of the most profound transformational tools that I have discovered to assist you in moving forward along your spiritual path.  The primary techniques I work with include Quantum Healing Hypnosis, the KUNLUN System®, Spiritual Counseling, and Dream Coaching.

Who am I, why am I here, how can I find love, and how do I heal--these are just a few of the biggest questions of life, and your spark of curiosity helps you find the answers you seek.  Self empowerment is of primary importance to me, and the central goal of my work is to provide you with the means to have a DIRECT EXPERIENCE with your own Divine Nature which is independent of any religion or system of belief. 

A personal experience with your own highest nature can transform your life.  It does not matter if you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Atheist, Scientific, New Age, or anything else in between. The methods of self exploration on this website work with the prime unifying force called love, and only require a genuine openness to more fully discover the primordial essence of your being.

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QUANTUM HEALING HYPNOSIS directly accesses what is commonly referred to as the 'Higher Self' or 'Universal Mind', the aspect of our consciousness that has unlimited wisdom. This loving presence is known by many names, but no matter what you call it, this brilliant voice is always there, and it’s ready to provide answers to your deepest questions as well as facilitate miraculous healing.

I received my QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) certification studying with Dolores Cannon in 2010 and have been performing sessions ever since.  You can find out more about this life transforming modality at


The KUNLUN System, an ancient form of Taoist inner alchemy, offers simple, yet incredibly powerful methods to re-awaken your true nature.  It rejuvenates the body, dissolves mental/emotional blocks, opens the heart and returns child-like joy to your life as you let go of all that is not needed.  The KUNLUN System is also a very profound esoteric system that activates long dormant genetic potential and is a pathway to the 'Rainbow Body' of Tibet.

I have been a certified KUNLUN Aprentice since 2009 and have done workshops and classes in Hawaii, the mainland USA and Australia.  You can find out more about this amazing system at


Dream Coaching Sessions help you access, explore and learn from the profound messages you receive every night in the form of dreams.  Our deepest desires as well as fears are all poetically expressed here in vivid detail and rich symbolism.  If you listen, REALLY LISTEN, dreams are our greatest teachers.  They masterfully inform us on how we are really feeling, where our current path is leading us, and how we can change our course if needed.   They fill us with hope and inspiration, paint the picture of our highest potential, and illuminate us with phenomenal inventions and new ways of thinking.  Our Higher Awareness speaks to us with the majesty of dreams.


My work also embodies several other modalities, and the wisdom of many teachers that I have had the privilege of meeting along the way, and I give thanks to them all.  It is a great honor for me to assist and guide you in the best way that I can on your own unique path of self-realization.



As early as I can recall I began to think deeply about the great questions of life.  Thoughts like ‘Who am I, where did I come from, and what is my purpose?’ danced around in my young imagination.  ‘Why’ was my favorite word. I liked to look under rocks, peek around corners, and I was a dreamer.  My favorite activity at night was to float above my body and bounce on the ceiling, as well as fly around the neighborhood, before I was told that was impossible.  I also received an answer early on that rang with a deep sense of knowing, so simple and clear, that was to become the central focus of my entire life: I was here to REMEMBER.

Now that’s an interesting answer, because it implies that there’s something I had forgotten.  Over the years and after many amazing personal experiences I have remembered a few important things that resonate to the core of my being.  I have remembered that I am an aspect of Divine, Source Energy, a beautiful, shining being of light, and that the primary essence of my true nature is simply love.  No matter who you are, where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, WE ARE ALL THE SAME in this respect, as well as unique.  We are all limitless beings having an earthly experience, and of primary importance here is to learn, grow, and create in balance and harmony.  We are here to experience more joy, to share more joy, and expand the creativity of Source Energy in our own unique way.  The key point to take away is that beyond time and space, as an equal aspect of Divine, Source Energy, you are already perfect, and that awareness is central to healing on all levels of being.



The beauty of life is that we can all understand the Great Mystery in our own unique way, and focus on what we have in common, which is love.  The foundational principle of my work is what I call the ‘Higher Awareness’ or ‘Universal Mind’. This force is known by many names that are unique to each tradition.  In my early twenties this ‘still, small voice’ began to speak.  When I initially heard this voice I was startled at first.  What is this voice in my head?  Is it God, a guide, entity, demon, alien or angel, or am I just going crazy?  ‘No’, the voice said clear like a bell, ‘WE are your Higher Awareness’.   I didn’t remember ever hearing that term before, and I was amazed. 

Since that time I have developed a direct, personal relationship with my Higher Awareness, the aspect of my consciousness that has unlimited wisdom, the loving presence which knows the master plan and guides everything I do.  My understanding of the full magnificence of the Higher Awareness grows little by little each day, and I am humbled and honored to work with this presence.  I have also discovered that this level of awareness can be accessed by everyone in a variety of ways, and this is part of the gift that I offer to you.



Over the past 25 years I have engaged in a wide variety of spiritual practices, training and healing work, to include 1st and 2nd Degree Reiki, Shamanism, Native American Traditions, Tai Chi, Kriya Yoga, Egyptian Alchemy, Pleiadian Light Work, Taoist Inner Alchemy (the KUNLUN System), Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Energy Psychology, Channeling, Astral Projection, Dreamwork, Sacred Geometry, New Physics, and many more very interesting explorations of time and space.  I am passionate about understanding the depth of my being, and draw upon all these modalities to assist your growth and healing in the best way that I can.  I do not claim to be a master or teacher, but simply a fellow traveler who’s sincere desire is to assist you in reaching your highest potential.

I am also a visionary artist know as the ‘Visual Alchemist’,  and work with a wide variety of techniques which include traditional painting, drawing, digital art, graphic design, photography, video projections, video production and conscious film-making. Above all, I seek to invoke the sacred in all my creations, and help people remember their true spirit nature, the essence of who they already are.  My motto is ‘there is no limit to your imagination’!   Shine on, follow your highest passion, and enjoy everything you do.


Much Warm Aloha


Douglas DeBoer – Maui, Hawaii